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Ranni is known as "The Queen of the Eastern Hill Lands "മലനാടിന്റെ റാണി". Ranni is a small village in the Pathanamthitta district of Kerala, in India. The taluk headquarters is a small township on both sides of the Pamba River. Ranni is also one of the largest taluks in Kerala. The renowned Hindu temple of Sabarimala? is in this taluk, situated approximately 66 km from the town. Ranni is known for its natural environment, forests, hills, river and good climate.

The economy of Ranni is primarily from agriculture. Ranni is the largest rubber producing taluks in Kerala. The hilly terrain, high humidity and good rain makes it suitable for Agriculture and other cultivation. Other major crops are cocoa, coconut, tapioca and pepper. NRIs are also another major source of income. It has the largest NRI population in state of Kerala.

Ranni Farmers e-commerce Portal

Ranni Farmers e-commerce Portal developed by the local farmers and the farming interested NRIs. It's an online trading platform for agricultural commodities in Ranni and nearest places. Its helping in better price discovery and provide facilities for smooth marketing of farmers products.

Ranni Farmers Group

Ranni Farmers Group is a social organization developed by the local farmers and the farming interested NRIs based on the promotion and the development of sustainable Agriculture in Ranni.

Objectives of Ranni Farmers Marketing Group

  • 1) To establish a Farmer Producer Organisation (FPO) in Ranni.
  • 2) To promote sustainable Agriculture in Ranni.
  • 3) To establish a Farmers Super Market in Ranni Town associate with Ranni Farmers group.
  • 4) To develop a 'Sustainable Organic Farm' in Ranni associate with Ranni Farmers group.
  • 5) To establish a Value addition agricultural products processing center in Ranni.
  • 6) To conduct training programs for farmers with the support agricultural experts.
  • 7) To develop Farmer Clusters in Ranni.
  • 8) To support farmers for the preparation of project proposals for Bank Loans and Government subsidies.
  • 9) To conduct Agricultural Fest (Karshika Mela) in Ranni with the support of agricultural department and social organizations.
  • 10) To develop a You Tube Channel for the promotion of farmers in Ranni.

Activities of Farmers Group in Ranni

Ranni Farmers Investors group Online meeting 10th June 2020

Ranni Farmers Investors group Online Zoom meeting inaugurated by Sri.P H Kurian IAS (Rtd), Chairman of the Kerala Real Estate Regulatory Authority on 10th June 2020. Sri. Raju Abraham MLA, Smt. Rajata V (Deputy Director of the Kerala Agriculture Department) and delegates from India and abroad presented topics based on the relevance of the promotion and the development of sustainable Agriculture in Ranni.
Ranny Farmers Investors group started a WhatsApp group for the further discussions of the project implementation. The group members suggested to conduct more informative sessions and to establish an Agriculture Firm associate with Farmers and NRIs.
We are looking forward your suggestions and contributions to make our effort more effective and fruitful for our mother land -Ranni .

Making farmer to Agripreneurs

Changing mental attitude if important for making a successful business .we are helping farmers to be an independent Agripreneurs.

Improve Farmers Income

We assure the best market price farmers directly and this will increase farmers income.

Save Time for Farmers

We are selling for farmers, so the farmer is not spending time to sell his products in markets.

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